Market Intelligence

When information does not reside at the bank, we have developed specific qualitative and quantitative methodologies for the research of financial consumers to understand the competitive positioning of the players, their value propositions and any other aspect related to the purchase process and the relation with their customers.

  • Competitive Positioning (segments and products) of the Retail Banking and Corporate Banking
  • Branding and Advertising
  • Testing of Value Propositions
  • Segmentation
  • Habits, needs, and preferences
  • Quality. External and internal customers. NPS

Portfolio Intelligence

When information is produced by the Bank itself, we have developed models that allow us to profile the portfolios, generate behavior clusters, and pose assumptions and actions to take full advantage of the growth opportunities among customers.

  • Portfolio segmentation and profiling
  • Share of Wallet
  • Growth areas and identification of opportunities in own portfolio
  • Potential value
  • Customer activation/activity
We turn knowledge into
business growth

Strategic Business Models

Our models provide effective support to the business in the execution of commercial opportunities, laying down the growth paths, the differentiating impacts in the value proposition and present and mid-term action plans.

  • Strategic assessment
  • Design of Value Proposition
  • Design and launch of commercial actions
  • Tools for Commercial Management Support

Digital Banking

We are experts in the taking-off and commercial management of financial products via digital channels. Our solution combines the life cycle of the customer in the Bank and the digital channel which impacts on the measurement and management of the customer experience.

  • Acquisition of new customers
  • Customer activation
  • Product cross-check
  • Active portfolio management
  • Loyaly Programs

Who we are

Brain Network is a consulting firm specialized in market research and commercial solutions focused on the financial services area, including Banks, Financial Institutions, Retailers and other key players of the financial industry (Compensation Funds; Mutual Companies; Mutual Funds; Pension Funds; Savings Associations, etc.). The Company was founded in 2000 by a multidisciplinary team of professionals with executive experience in the financial industry as Banking consultants, and Senior Management executives with International Banks.



In the competitive positioning issue.



In the identification and appraisal of simple and short-term growth opportunities

Con conocimiento profundo


(Of) the different markets, both wholesale and retail



In the development of commercialization methods and programs with an impact in the commercial activity

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